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What Will It Take for Schools to Get Better?
Many predicted that COVID could very well launch the transformation of education in the United States, given the upheaval it unleashed. After so much disruption, how could educators go back to the way things were? Meanwhile, inside districts, many educators have been managing a complex landscape with multiple crises that have been requiring their full attention. Grave concerns over student mental health and equity, mounting staffing shortages, and a divisive political landscape have combined to make instruction—and leadership—challenging and fraught.

While large-scale transformation might not be close at hand, this forum will focus on what must happen for transformation to occur—not as a blue-sky proposition, but rather what educators and education leaders can do immediately and feasibly to incite lasting and productive change that will make a difference in the lives of their students.

Educators know that tinkering around the edges just won’t cut it right now, but they are also up against some of the biggest learning challenges not only of their careers but that the field of public education has faced in the last century. It’s time to figure out a path forward.


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